Project Management Outlook

Project Management Outlook – How To Transform It

Defining a project manager’s tasks and responsibilities is not difficult. A project manager has to first plan a project and provide reasonable estimates of the cost that it may involve, time it may take and quality of the end product. The project manager then has to monitor the project to accomplish these goals within reasonable limits. However, accomplishing these tasks, especially for large projects is never easy and any help a project manager can get in reducing the costs and increasing the profitability of a project is always welcome. TimeSheet Reporter with its innovative project management outlook integration feature is one such tool.

Project Management Outlook

Project Management Outlook

Most project managers use Outlook Calendar to schedule and update their every day appointments, to-do lists and other events. TimeSheet Reporter helps increase the productivity of this tool and also eases the task of getting a quick overview of employee timesheets by allowing users to simply use their Outlook calendar to enter their time and manage their timesheets. Project management outlook feature works to benefit both employees and project managers alike.

  1. One of the major problems that project managers face is in having to send out regular reminders to employees who have forgotten to enter their times. Using the project management outlook calendar feature of TimeSheet Reporter, managers can set up calendars and specify how many hours should be reported there. They can also include exceptions such as weekends or holidays. Users can then be attached to this calendar and the project management outlook feature say when a notification is to be issued. If users have not reported their hours or have not reported sufficient hours, this feature will issue a notification to the particular users. Project managers will receive a separate report with missing entries and when the notification was sent. In fact, the project management outlook calendar feature also allows you to create different calendars for different employees such as full-time employees, interns or part-time employees.
  2. TimeSheet Reporter also allows administrators to quickly generate reports that help to compile data such as the time spent on different projects, compare time taken by different users for similar tasks, and so on. The project management outlook calendar feature will help management make more informed decisions based on this data.
  3. Once project management outlook calendar receives entries from various users, project managers can look at the comments or details provided and either accept or reject the entries. Time entries that have been approved are automatically saved as approved. Project managers can provide explanations or respond to comments for rejected entries – these entries are sent back to the user, who will know from the comments the reasons for the entry not being approved.

When you use basic, well-tested project management strategies, you are able to define your goals well and are able to draw a road map to reach those goals. By using software tools such as TimeSheet Reporter with its project management outlook features, you can achieve the goals set by your organization within the specified cost, resource and time limitations

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